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SNaP Goes The Fat Fish
   Nicola Fatfish of SNP ignominy has, predictably, cried foul of Teresa (not funny enough to have a nickname) May's decision to hold a snap UK election in seven weeks time. Fatfish has been mouthing off loudly and annoyingly for some while about a second referendum on Scottish independence. With her power base in Scotland at an all time high at the last election, it is unlikely that SNP will gain as many seats next time. On top of that Jeremy Useless Corblimey, UK Labour party divider (leader,) is losing middle ground support all round for his Trotskyite leanings and weak leadership. May's on to a winner. Britain goes further right, oh dear.

In Praise Of A Murderer
   A whole 19 minutes of main news time was spent on a eulogy for that murderous ex IRA boss Martin McGuinness. This man may not have actually squeezed the trigger, (although some say he did,) but has openly admitted to encouraging the murders of pro UK activists. Shame on the BBC for giving him any praise at all, "peace process" or not.

Egg and Chicken - Morgan O'Phosphate, agriculture correspondent
   A Dutch research team have announced the Amazon forest is not natural, but at least in part man-made. Hmm, whiffs of an aliens beat us to Earth story here, perhaps. They noticed that where ancient settelments were located, there were more trees useful for timber and firewood than elsewhere. It follows, they say, that European incomers planted them when they settled there. But, they seem to have ovelooked the likelyhood that the settlements were placed near concentrations of useful trees. Who came first, the humans or the trees? You guess. My guess is the Dutch team haven't thought this through.

   An independent weather forecast offered on-line by one of the large internet search engines said today- Neston, AM, 24 knots wind, chance of precipitation 10%. Actually at that moment we were in 40-70 knot gusty winds and very heavy driving rain, which went on for several more hours. (Storm Doris.) Did they get their forecast from a horoscope? It certainly wasn't from facts.
   PS: that afternoon a freak gust of turbulance managed to lift a full 60 gallon water butt AND its heavy concrete base high enough for levelling chocks to be dislodged beneath it. And that was in a sheltered position. From the same sheltered position a half full 1½ gallon metal watering can was blown several feet across the patio and behind an out-building. It must have been a mini-tornado... 24 knots; not.

Paranoid Potato
   Kim Bang Bong, that diminutive fatty-puff so called leader of North Korea, shows the world how paranoid he is by having his elder half brother murdered. The other Kim posed no real threat to Bang Bong's leadership yet still insecurity haunts this unpredictable lunatic. He has to toppled. (Suggestion; cut the L out the last word- ed.)

   Where do you think the sexiest city in the world is? Amsterdam, perhaps? No; Swindon, Wiltshire, UK. Apparently up to 30 "pop-up" brothels open every week, advertising mainly Romanian and Polish prostitutes. Well that's what free travel and work rights does under European Law. (Perhaps they are trying get the work in here before we are no longer in the EU? Ed.)

   In what is almost certainly a gross over-reaction to recent data, UK government scientists anounced that browned or burned toast can cause cancer. What happens when starch is heated strongly enough, (as in toast and roast potatoes,) is that it starts to burn. Part of the resulting changed material is a substance called acrylamide. Elsewhere some scientists had fed large doses of acrylamide to mice and some got cancer. The step from that to cancer from toast, is a very big one: the concentrations used are orders of magnitude apart. Highlight facts, but please don't cry wolf, mister government scientist, that's for the gutter press to do.

Beyond Be Dragons
   This week that loose canon Dump (short for D Trump) gets to be boss of the most powerful nation. Sends shivers down your spine, eh. What with that moral-less, beligerant Putin in Russia and Europe entering a period of political near chaos, who knows where we're going? It is amazing how just a few bad leaders can cause so much damage to world societies, look at the Middle East for evidence. Will the Mexican wall actually be built? Will Britain still trade with our nearest neighbours? In renaissance times maps used to show unexplored seas with huge waves and dangerous monsters. Remind you of something?

Story Of Wonder
   Who came up with the idea of a fictional super-hero being a UN ambassador? Well it didn't last long: Super Woman has been sacked. The episode is as hard to believe as the comic strip!

Dark And Light
   A bright "flash" of light in the sky has been studied by astronomers for months now. At first it was thought to be an exploding star, a super nova. Now it seems we may have the first clues about how black holes and stars interact. (See BlogJob for previous comments about heads in the stars and putting your finger in a black hole.) Apparently the star is being torn open by a black hole. (You might need to stitch your finger up.)

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