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Fiction books for sale list (novels)

Part one - general / story collections / poetry / pseudo-historical / biographical
* FP Not For Bedtime - chilling tales from around the world by various authors - An excellent, carefully chosen and varied selection of ghost, murder, macabre, spiritual and similar stories by professional and top amateur writers - Infinity Junction's most borrowed public library book
ACE REVIEWS. One Good Man by Ruth Rowling - novel set in the 2nd World War as Nazi Germany invades Norway. Authentic atmosphere of fear and uncertainty percolates an exciting and devious story.
Lady in Chains by Gillian Hiscott - story of the lady of a country house facing the disruptions, both physical and social, of the 2nd World War.
Tidal by Anne Brooke - collection of imaginative poems by acclaimed, award winning poet. Modern but very readable poetry.
The Reincarnate by Polly L Hughes - romantic fiction and non-fiction interweave with more than a touch of horror in this book.
Windmills by Alan Clegg - top-selling story of a family surviving the war in Holland.
Where Birds Don't Sing by Alan Clegg - the second book in the 'Windmills' Dutch holocaust trilogy.
The Wildcat by John Robson - the secret life of a Romany in Napoleonic times, showing the idiocy of government and gallantry of men at war.
Davies Creation by E.G. Braithwaite - faction - story of the creation of an engineering design and those involved.
Water Under the Bridges by Freda Price - evocative, nostalgic saga from the Industrial Revolution to WW2.
Taxi by Vera Parsonage - hilarious adventures, highs and lows, amours and disappointments of a Liverpool taxi driver.
Through the Eastern Gate by Sue Wilding - a collection of sensitive, Christian poetry.
A Resounding Voice by Ray Harman - echoes of the Welsh Valleys in poetry.
The Love We All Shared - Poetry For The People by Ray Harman -second book of echoes of the Welsh Valleys in poetry. Supported by Max Boyce.
The Travellers Friend - an entertaining compilation of short stories and poetry by new writers.
The Travellers Belle Amour - a romantic selection of short stories and poetry.
Whack and Blight by Ken Norman - a murder cum love story.

Part two - thrillers / adventures / spy / actioners / detective / murder
A Very European Death by Mike Bonner - murder thriller/adventure novel set to a European extremist backdrop
Tunnel in the Sky by Neil Gee - gripping and vivid historical novel set during the Victorian era of railway and bridge building.
The Juggernaut by Ken Norman - tense crime thriller.
The Solway Slicer by Ken Norman - entertaining story of potential mass-murder,
sparked off by a new invention.
Golden Boy by Peter W Shillan - 2 young men of different backgrounds are exploited as underground agents. Folklore, horse breeding, training and politics carry the story forwards.

Part three - sci-fi / fantasy / horror
Bamfords Shroud by Harold Nicholson - horror fantasy, as strange mist rises above a long buried village.
Whistle and I'll Be There by Jonathan Moor - a ghost story of Shropshire and the Welsh/English Marches. Steeped in history of the region.
The Scent of Violets by Jenny Sandle - a poignant ghost story with a difference. Set during The Great War of 1914-18.

Part four - humour / satire / parody / faintly flagitious fun
* FP First published edition - Infinity Junction by Neil Gee - a hilarious highly impious history, a satire of sorts, a parody perhaps, allegedly allegorical. "Superb book..." - professional editor. Now re-released after a long period of withdrawal for editing! 'intelligent politico-religious farce'
Dagger First by Evelyn Murray - manic anti-establishment novel, a satire-cum-farce. Meteor disaster stories move over: here comes Evelyn Murray!
Froxmap by Evelyn Murray - follow-up novel to Dagger First; equally fast and furious fun with a hard adventure core.
Funny old World by Barrie Francis - light-hearted political satire with many recognisable characters.

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    Non-fiction books for sale list

    Part one - biography / history / travel/geographical
    Appleby Rai by Gordon Thorburn and John Baxter- an award winning book of pictures and text all about Appleby Rai horse fair in Cumbria.
    Looking After Number One by Fran Brady - - gritty, moving account of how one widow coped with her husband's multiple sclerosis and the aftermath.
    * FP The Forgotten Army by Roy Yates - a personal account of the second world war seen by a prisoner of the Japanese, slave-labouring in horrible conditions on 'The Death Railway' in Siam (Thailand) - a gripping autobiography cum history lesson.
    One Boy's War by Bob Galloway - Bob ran away to sea as a boy; his subsequent adventures during the war are fascinating reading.
    A Victorian Childhood by Walter Littler - 40 years after his death his daughters found an account of Walter's early life and produced this book.
    Not Far From Wigan Pier by Ted Dakin - tales of life during the 1920s in a Lancashire town. Down to Earth.
    My Vanished World by Nell Adams - graphical description of an idyllic world in the Shan States (Burma) descending into horror as the war takes hold.
    New Horizons Beckon by Patricia Coates - English couple's wanderlust through Europe.
    Italy Again and Again by Brian Darwent - love of the Italian experience and scenic delights.

    Part two - social / political / religious / scientific
    Disctech by R K Morison - a theory about alien technology - interesting ideas that may cause some debate.
    The Triple Effect by Dr. M.S. Rao - 'To Be and How To Be,' 'Look After Yourself' and 'Interview with Jesus.' Dr. Rao advises us to 'doubt everything' in this eclectic mix of alternative medicine, psychology and religion.

    Part three - investigative / injustice / taxation / fact based stories and humour / other
    The Lynch-Mob Syndrome by Ken Norman - work of major importance - a seminal book in its field - in-depth reports from the Portia Campaign about probable miscarriages of justice regarding child deaths. A must-read for people with a social conscience.
    Benefit Thieves by 'Six Hundred' - work of social significance - fascinating true stories by an ex special investigator and a must-read for tax-payers and benefit cheats alike. First edition.
    The Inland Revenue - Saint or Sinner? by Dr John Booth - work of financial / political importance - detailed case studies, with conclusions, of exactly how we in the UK are taxed, and how the Inland Revenue sometimes oversteps the mark.

    Self-help and How-to book list, Maps, publishing help, etc

    Part one - guides etc
    * FP LP - Budding Bestseller compiled by Neil Gee - a very practical guide, (previously titled Budding Author,) for all writers and authors - probably the most up to date around. NEW TOTALLY REVISED 5th EDITION. NEW LOW PRICE .PDF VERSION. (Only available here.)

    Part two - self-help
    Dyslexia by Roy Fielding (of British Dyslexics) - work of social significance - clear, easy to read and comprehensive guide for parents with (possibly) dyslexic children.

    Part three - maps etc
    Illustrated Map of Eyam - the area around plague village Eyam in Derbyshire, full colour, two sides, with pictures, photos and notes.

    Part four - The Hard Writing Course etc.
    The Hard Writing Course - tutored by multi times published author and writer Gordon Thorburn. For the most promising writers.

    Part five - How to get published.
    Services available through Infinity Junction to help you get published or sell your published work.


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