a truly practical guide to writing, editing, improving, publishing and selling your book, novel etc.
(upgraded from previously titled Budding Author - new ISBN 978-1-904101-04-8 only availble direct from Infinity Junction)

Budding Bestseller book- note it is now sold as an electronic file in .pdf format - all reasonably modern PCs and Macs can read and print this using Acrobat Reader or similar. (This keeps the price down.) For sale now in portable document form at a bargain price - UK£3·50 (USd5 approx equivalent) with ZERO postage cost sent by e-mail. Set out to read on screen or print and bind as a 110 page book.
   Budding Bestseller is very practical and covers: clarifying ideas, organising; building strong, sellable stories; developing style; what to do if stuck; short stories, scripts, etc; methods to improve both stories and style in work already written; appraisal, editing and rewriting; a foolproof way to construct that all-important synopsis; best ways to approach agents; business awareness; technology, alternative publishing methods; and much, much more.
    This is no pamphlet, it's a whole book! Suitable for authors/writers at all experience levels, but skewed upwards towards those pretty much ready to be published, also useful to those not fully up to date with the latest publishing trends. Budding Bestseller compiled by Neil Gee is unique in that it is updated continuously to keep in touch with events and current trends in the publishing and book world and hence your needs.

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Budding Bestseller is converted into portable document file format upon receiving your order, this ensures your copy is bang up to date when you buy it. 2018 7th edition has most previous appendices incorporated into the main text.

  • Please note - Budding Bestseller is now sold as an electronic file, a .pdf attached to an e-mail. All reasonably modern PCs and Macs can read and print this using Acrobat Reader from Adobe or similar software. (Acrobat Reader is already installed on most package deal computers, but if not it is free to download. Printing - see page bottom.) From 2007 postage category is ZERO meaning no p&p is needed for the digital version sent via e-mail. YOU WILL NEED an e-mail inbox that accepts moderately large attached files (700K,) most will, and also no block on attachments. It is scanned for viruses before sending. Please also note this is copyright © material, it must not be distributed and only copies for your own personal backup can legally be made.
    Special offer seekers- if you've come here after reading about us in a writing magazine or website, Email us giving the name of the publication or website and claim a limited free copy. Make sure your e-mail address is correct, there is no block on attachments and we are put on your safe senders list. Note your email address will NOT be passed on and will NOT be used to send unwanted messages from us. Probably the most up to date author's guide around.

    Budding Bestseller in more detail -

    Filled with loads of examples and extensively cross-referenced, so that those in need of speedy help can find all the relevant information quickly. Not that it would take very long anyway: clarity, ease of use and concision are hallmarks of this guide.
    The information, examples and advice offered are at a very practical level:
    clarifying and getting the most out of ideas; organising work, research and equipment; developing style; building marketable stories and strengthening them; adding new dimensions to work; common weaknesses and errors; techniques for improving and refining drafts and making new, better versions; appraising, editing and rewriting; non-fiction in various forms; screenplays, radio, etc; short stories; many examples; what to do if you get stuck; a foolproof way to construct the all-important synopsis; approaching agents; selling yourself; business awareness; legal matters; alternative publishing methods, new technology, on-line protocols, print on demand, and much, much more. As with all complex subjects, sections overlap, but in this book they are extensively cross-referenced

    Budding Bestseller - Infinity Junction's managing editor explains:
    As an editor and appraiser I regularly see weaknesses in submissions and occasionally also in writers' approach material. Even in works from published authors and professional writers there are sometimes errors, disorganisation, or missed chances for improvement. And I often see possible enhancements to satisfactory work. Budding Bestseller guide highlights many of those and suggests good ways to make your manuscript better. There are examples and advice from other editors and publishers too. And it covers a whole lot more besides.
    Breaking into the market as an outsider is now a formidable task: odds are variously quoted at several thousands to one just to get on an agent's list and it's getting worse as the book market deteriorates. In fact it has never been more difficult to get into the mainstream. You'll need patience, stamina and a will to go on regardless; maybe moral support too. Whatever the difficulties, don't give up: the public might never read your special work and anyway, life should be easier following my tips.

    Concise and readable, this is a user-friendly, sympathetic, and most of all, genuinely helpful guide for all authors and writers from people who have been through it the hard way- so that you don't have to.
    7th edition is approx 35,000 words and growing, over 110 pages in standard A5 format. From 2007 the normal printed version is dropped in an effort to lower prices. It is converted into readable electronic format on demand to keep the information up to date - why pay UK £12·99 ($d 20 US) for a specialist guide book which is already out of date when you can buy this for around a quarter of the price?

    7th edition (.pdf version) is still only UK£3·50 - you need an e-mail address that will allow moderately large files to be received as attachments.
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