Not For Bedtime
Chilling Tales from around the world (dripping with blood)
from around the world

Not For Bedtime cover Not For Bedtime, Chilling Tales from Around the World, is a totally unique, high quality collection of short stories from almost everywhere imaginable. There are ghost, murder, macabre and similar, the odd lighter or inspirational touch, mild erotica, even true stories; from authors as varied as well known published novelists, regular magazine contributors and journalists, and a judicious selection from some of the best new and amateur writers. Compiled and edited by Neil Gee, this is a diverse, carefully chosen, professsionally produced collection, praised in reviews.

ISBN 1-904101-01-1
glossy-bound high quality paperback
price UK£8·99
published by Infinity Junction
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Desmond Meiring, Bill Gaston, Catherine J. Gardner, Brian Hunt, Gaye Jee, Anne Forrest, Lana Van Dyke, Rachel Grant, Jane Rusbridge, Evelyn Murray, Mark Randall, R. Hammond, Lavinia Judd, Tim Cook, Jeremy Laing, Kerin Gedge, Mark Hayden, Stephen McMurray, J. C. Hibbert and Janet Royale, John Cadwallader, M. T. Gasson, Paul Lee, Gaynor Blackburn, Neil Guthrie, Kay Dee, Betty Warrington-Kearsley, Lynne Gammond, Terry O'Neill, Barbara Henderson, Graham D. Smith, Eleanor Rogers, Betty McIlroy, R. J. Owen, Emma Lee, Amanda Steel and Amy Parker, Paul Scott, Neil Gee.


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