Infinity Junction, (the novel,) by Neil Gee
A hilarious highly impious history, a satire of sorts, a parody perhaps, allegedly an allegory. By Neil Gee.
"intelligent politico-religious farce" - illustrated with vector graphics by the author and contains numerous limericks etc
This novel gave its name to the organisation and nobody dared publish it before. First edition stock now getting low- buy early to avoid disappointment. Part of the front cover is on our homepage.
Limited FIRST EDITION (complete with minor errors which will not be in the second edition).
SECOND EDITION, more USA friendly, is ready to go if there is demand. Also in development is an HTML version of the second edition, including modified pictures, suitable for Kindle and the like.


Infinity Junction (the novel) by Neil Gee
Very occasionally a really original idea comes along- how about the machine that created God? * Unfortunately technicians who operate it discover that, like the other deities they've made, God isn't working to specification.
This hilarious, highly impious history follows the fortunes of machine technicians at Infinity Junction, the deities created, Mr. and Mrs. God and the parallel universe they create.
A unique blend of subtlety and farce, science and storytale, satire and sophistry, weirdness and sophistication, astronomy and bonhomie. Oh, and se... (you know.) Quite a bit, but very tasteful- mostly. Infinity Junction is a priceless p1s5-take of the establishment in general, the way we live and religion in particular. We can almost guarantee you won't have read anything quite like this.
Infinity Junction (the novel) is startlingly unusual and very entertaining for anyone with a modicum of intelligence and free thought. 'Explores ideas others shun.'
ISBN 978-1-904101-05-5 direct buy price UK £8·00 (plus p&p) that's 20% discount approx on the book, only from here.RRP (bookshop price) UK £9·90.
What are you doing Mr. God? Oh, er, nothing dear, much... ...BIG SPLUNG!

WARNING: Infinity Junction is intended to amuse with humour and invention, it is aimed at open minds and those not offended by mickey take, but it could really annoy the old-guard and the seriously faithful of all creeds. DON'T BUY THIS FOR ANYONE OF RELIGIOUS SENSITIVITY, OR IF YOU MIGHT BE OFFENDED YOURSELF. (Heinous hint- if mother-in-law is a bit old fashioned like that, it might make an unusual surprise - leave Infinity Junction, the novel, lying around and surreptitiously watch her face as she reads the first page- ooh.)

"If it ain't banned in them Bible-belt schools, 't'ain't worth talkin 'bout as a rules" - Derncom self-enlightening computer
+SECOND EDITION, more USA friendly, (some UK jokes removed, a couple of slightly altered chapters and the odd particularly biting remark watered down, plus some extra rhymes,) ready to go if there is demand.
Content warning- swearing; hardly any and then only mild. Violence; virtually none (unless you count the end of the world.) Politics (satire,) breeding activity, impiety; a fair bit - (age suitability range - 16+)

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    * Forget the large hadron collider at CERN, meet the dei-celerator at DERN.