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4th quarter, going back in time as you go down from here

2012 - good riddance - hope for a good 2013.
   Coldest and wettest on record, that's UK 2012 official. Some UK homes that have never flooded in human memory flooded twice or even three times in one year... and it started in the South with a hozepipe ban! Farms awash in spring and summer: crappy crops; prices rise. Hardly any sun worth talking about in summer, at least in NW Cheshire, the home of Infinity Junction. Water tables now the highest on record, soil is saturated so run off floods continue even with lower rainfall, aquafers inundated, underground watercourses all flooded, rivers at their limits, reservoirs, once half empty, have been overflowing for months now. On the upside, no wasps in the garden, downside, where are our bees? As we've said before; it must be global warming.

   America's loony NRA powerarchy suggest putting even more guns in place, "to protect our children." Isn't it bad enough having 27 people killed in a primary school by some nutter. Just think how many more would die if fire is returned.

Santa Sunday - by our religious correspondent Vic R.
   Why isn't Christmas always on a Sunday? That's a question asked several times now, because some people think mid-week Christmas Days cause too much disruption. So, here are some answers. 1) Father Christmas always goes to church on Sunday (he is a saint) so can't deliver presents. 2) Reindeer always hold their race meetings on Sundeer afternoons. 3) Humans forced to work on Christmas day, would have to be paid quintuple wages because it's double-time for Sunday and triple-time for Xmas. Dinner in the pub would thus cost at least £200 per head. 4) Elvish union boss Pixie O'Late says Santa's workers must take Sundays off to watch TV. 5) Sunday is 'a day of rest' not fest. (Following that means Christmas can never be on Sunday, is that right? Ed.) 6) Monday would be Boxing Day and therefore all those Monday morning 'sickies' couldn't happen and the culprits would feel deprived of a skive. 7) New Years Eve could end up straight after Boxing Day. That's an extended binge which with alcohol minmum pricing coming would be unaffordable. 8) It would turn Christmas into a Moveable Feast, so some bastard would steal it. 9) No-one would know when to take down the decorations. 10) It would confuse the Pope.

Moore No More - Ed.
   After The last episode of The Sky at Night, I commented that Patrick Moore, record breaking TV presenter and astronomer, did not look well. Alas how prophetic: he died shortly afterwards. One of the most compelling presenters in his heyday, his enthusiam knew no bounds. Infinity Junction salutes you Patrick.

Waste - by our media correspondent Greta Garble
   A waste of many people's time. A waste of a hell of a lot of UK public money. A wasted opportunity. PM CamEton is a waste of space: despite Leveson saying legislate, self regulation of the press is to continue when everyobody knows it hasn't worked. Murdoch must be chortling in his grave. (He isn't dead yet- Ed.) Then he'll probably die laughing. G.G.

First Victim
   Told to re-apply for his job by the new police commissioner for Avon and Somerset, the Chief Constable flatly refused to apply for his own job. How many more strident wimmin have been 'elected' by 5% of the public and how many more casualties will there be? (See item below.) We are not amused, and don't expect policing to improve.

We Don't Care - Ed.
   Turn-out for elections of new US style police commissioners to replace the old authority boards was predictably low. Record low in fact, down to just 10% in one area, maximum recorded was only 20%, with one polling station in Wales having no voters at all! It proves the point that Conservative dogma, which this is, is way out of touch with the public mood. Just because USA has them, (and Maggie and co of the old guard love anything American even if it's rubbish,) does not mean we need them. Please posh lads and the odd woman, stop wasting our money on your right-wing ideas and get the economy going instead.

The Price Of Mud
   After three bad car crashes in Herefordshire in as many weeks, police say they will prosecute farmers who leave dangerous amounts of mud on the roads. To make the point, they are diverting town police cars to patrol rural roads to find those responsible. I wonder what their new police commissioner will make of it when elected in two weeks time.

   After the Germans pulled out of nuclear power, leaving UK's future electricity generating plans in chaos because they had won the bid to build new plants here, an unlikely company, Hitachi, has bought out the consortium involved. Rescue? Hmm, Japan's nuclear power station record is not exactly unstained.

Cosmic Comics 2 - NG
   BBC's Horizon, in a follow-up to an earlier (see below) episode, speculated next on what happened before the big bang. 20 years ago that would have been unthinkable to cosmologists; the answer to them then was nothing! Many decades after most thinking scientists realised the old big bang theory was incomplete or just wrong, cosmologists are just starting to realise this. Doh, too much dogmatical-mathematical theory and not enough common sense! - see
Infinity Junction, the novel

   Europe has its moments when detached observers might wonder how it holds together. In one day we have seen the collapse of the merger between British Aerospace and Airbus, (EADS actually,) with recriminations aimed mainly at Germany's Mrs Merely. And a new 'cod war' seems to have broken out in the channel over fishing. Forty French boats surrounded and attacked a British fishing boat which was five miles outside French waters. Further afield Greece blames Mrs Merely for all their huge budget cuts and collapsed economy, and Spain has record unemployment and crashed banking sector. It's no surprise then that voices raise ever higher here in the UK asking for changes to our relationship with Europe. With Mrs Merely as owner of Europe though, change seems unlikely.

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2012 - part three, going back in time as you go down from here

Course Of True Love...
   Top headlines and first reports on virtually all news media (in the UK) for a day or two was not war, or famine, or assassination, it was a runanway couple. Sad really; so much fuss. The teacher and (just) under-age pupil were caught on video hand-in-hand like lovers, which they probably are. Now while the pair have committed and illegal act, why are the police and press so worked up and vindictive? Had the man been anything other than a teacher and the girl six months older, it wouldn't warrant anything more than a claim for divorce from the teacher's wife. (Which he probably wants anyway now.) It smacks a bit of a witch hunt, don't you think?

NHS, No Health Service
   Jeremy *unt received an unusual welcome present to his new job as disease secretary in UK's government; 100,000 signatures on a petition telling him to lay off the NHS! There's 200 odd conservative MPs that's 5000 to one... but *unt will still wreck it.

Cosmic Comics - NG
   BBC's usually priaseworthy science program Horizon does occassionally go soft in the brain. A load of 'cosmologists' were speculating about how big the universe is and whether it might run into another or alter into something else or whether there were many of them, as if it was a matter of great wonderment that anyone should think such clever thoughts. Most intelligent, thinking people have at realised such things might be possible, so what's the big deal? Most cosmologists I've listened to live the smallest world imaginable; see the problem? - see
Infinity Junction, the novel

Arm and a Leg- EM
   Two famous American Armstrongs in the news within just days! One small step died a hero to nearly all humans. Two fast legs, once a cycling hero throws in the towel, I thought he had more balls than that. (EM, keep awake: that problem was the other thing he was known for- Ed.)

See Two Entries Below
   Now the unlympic noise has died down we hear that Curiosity has managed to find its way to its intended search area and is getting target practice at safe range of... 2·5 metres. Can't be much of a gun.

Danish Pastry
   Danish Finn sailor (confusing, eh,) trumpeted at the start of the Olympic series, that he was going to stop Ben Anslie becoming the greatest olympic sailor of all time by beating him, thus preserving Dane Paul Elvestrom's record. Half way through the series he protested Ainslie claiming he'd hit a mark, though TV shows he didn't. Anslie had to take a two turn penalty and thus the Dane held on to his lead. "The Dane shouldn't have made me angry!" was Anslie's comment. For non-yotters, the rules are such that, within strict limits, you can slow down another yacht by taking its wind or forcing it to sail an unfavourable course. That is precisely what Ainslie did in the very last race, he managed to sail the Dane right out of the medals altogther and still claim gold himself. Danish tears. That's revenge! You could say Ainslie made mincemeat of the Dane.

Curious Monday
   Hidden by blanket-fire of hype, glory and groans, tittle-tattle and razzle-dazzle surrounding the London Olympic Games, something rather important in science is about to happen, largely unnoticed. After Professor Longhair's European failures, NASA will attempt a soft landing of the most sophisticated Mars probe yet; Curiosity. Will this one work? Nobody will know until later on Monday at the earliest when communications through the Martian atmosphere will be tested. We may not get much information for some while because its ten years power supply can only drive it at 0·09 MPH flat out! Returning to the Olympic theme you can imagine the commentator- "Now Curiosity is starting to pick up on the snail, it'll be a fight to the line then." If Curiosity really did race a snail on Mars, now that would be news even the olympics wouldn't smother.

Lord of the Rings
   Wriggly Baggins, that stout fellow in yellow, did us folk of the Shires proud on the roads of Middlesex Earth. Tour dee Franky, now the Trial of Time. Will we see a repeat of gold on the timber track?
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2012 - part two, going back in time as you go down from here

Racist Humour... No, Real Life Experience - by Evelyn Murray, our special correspondent for Art, Literature, Booze, Opera and Wales.
   I've lived in the balance, so as to speak since the 1970s, (god that makes me feel old,) because I've lived on and off between North Wales and England. I've 'spent time' in both. After BBC/Channel Four Wales split up into Welsh speaking (S4C) and English speaking BBC Wales we thought the old troubles of seriously dull parochial news had gone in favour of a more 'international' approach, including what might be 'behind you' in England. Alas...
   The old 'Mrs Jones chip pan fire' syndrome has re-emerged with mightily minor news of another non-ranking story from Abergotlost or somewhere.
   It was such minor news that I cannot even find it now in the Welsh News internet files. The basic outline, which I'd really hoped had been lost at least 20 years ago, is just the same. "Mrs Jones had a chip pan fire which caused nasty discolouriing of her kitchen wall algae and singed fronds on the moss on her ceiling." Fire chief Gywnn Gwynedd Pressthatyn said "I'm really fed up of the 1970s attitude of some North-Walean pensioners."
   Of course at that moment I gulped and should have turned this seventiesophobic fireman off, but then I'm almost human so couldn't. "Cooking on couldrons of mutton fat over open fires of demolition site roof timbers from Wrexton stadium, is both out of date and dangerous." "We are but Local North-Waleans," an interviewee, Mrs Jones's sister Myfanwy Roberts complained. "No matter. You should be using thermostatically controlled electric appliances," the fireman replied. "Ooh no, I can't use that: if you pull the plug out, the Lectry leaks on the floor and is much more dangerous!"
   SAD FACT- this story is based on, and very similar to, an actual real, genuine, positively true incident involving an actual 'Mrs Roberts' in Bangor, North Wales.

Justin Thyme
   At last that spoil-sport Jet Stream is starting to move back onto its track; what misery its southerly diversion has caused to some in the UK. There are places that are only expected to flood every hundred years that have been flooded twice this year, even three times in Shropshire. Believe it or not there have been hose-pipe bans in some of those areas because of empty reservoirs. They're overflowing now! Whether this means London will have decent weather for the imminent Olympics remains to bee seen. Swimming should be okay at least.

   CamEton's posh cronies have put the spanner in the works of long overdue reform of Britain's upper parliamentay house; The Lords. They would, wouldn't they. A system which relies largely on heriditary and unelected rich people cannot be fair, every working person knows that. But then most posh people don't know what real work is and still honestly believe they are born with the right of an easy life and deserve it. Vive la evolution!

He's Behind You...
   Elusive "Oh no he isn't," "Oh yes he is," Bows Higgson has made an appearance, maybe. DERN, (darn, I mean CERN,) announced that 'they have confidence in data showing a new particle' that just might be Bows Higgson himself. Wow, there's exciting eh. (DERN- see Infinity Junction, the novel.)

Extinct - Ed.
   Goodnight Lonesome George. Believed to be the very last of his sub-species, giant Galapagos tortoise George, called 'lonesome' because he had no possible mates, died at an estimated age of around 100 years old.
   It is sad to see the last of a line die, very sad to those who care about bio-diversity, but it also a reminder that only those species which can adapt to change survive the ages. That is "natural selection" in action, I suppose.

Flamey Flop
   Every day recently we've been bombarded with over-excited TV reporters talking about a complete non-story; the olympic torch relay. Is some old fart running slowly along the road carrying a brickies hod on fire really a headline? Find some decent road smashes or shipwrecks to report on... please.

Brought To Brooke
   The will she, won't she is over, Rebekah (yes it is spelt stupidly) ruddy-tortuosa-willow-tree-haired Brookes (ex Wade) has been charged by police with perversion. (Of the law... Ed.) The real test however will be how well the notoriously feeble UK Crown Prosecution handles it in court. Another deserved nail in the coffin of the Murdoch dynasty? Don't bet on it.

Eur Fired
   And another 'we'll see' - Will they won't they as we said in January this year; bookmakers now have Greece set to leave the euro. Fun eh.

Hari Carri-all
   The BBC says there is to be an investigation into whether anyone else was involved with the death of ex MI6 spy Gareth Williams. Er guys, he was found locked inside a holdall and cut into pieces, doesn't that mean anything to you? Hara Kiri is nothing compared to this! (Maybe he was practising to better Harry Houdini... Ed.)

Masters Marvel
   Interview for BBC of Tiger Woods- presenter "Tiger Woods, 74 today..."
   Happy birthday, you don't look it.

   There appears to be a glitch at BBC News because for a second time in a year a map of Libya appeared on the TV in place of the country being talked about. We could almost understand Libya and Lebanon getting mixed up by someone in a hurry as happened last time. But Burma...? It doesn't bode well for the election results, we'll probably get told it was won by Angola Merely.

   German consortium RWE/Eon has pulled out of building two new nuclear power stations in the UK. They say it's too hard to raise the money. It may be that the German government's decision to stop using nuke has spooked them. We'll see, but it is more than just possible they'll have to go back on that, gas supplies are stretched ever more thinly as demand grows, Germany is not well placed to generate enough wind or water power. That only leaves dirty coal again.

Good Faddy Food
   Food stories come and go, every other month some marketing man comes up with a new idea for their clients. A few years ago cranberries were the wonder cure-it-all; 'high in anti-oxidants' - like many other fruits. Watercress had a massive boost a bit later, now isn't it strange that it coincided with building of several new hydroponics units. Some ideas are bonkers- remember the 'traffic light' system that was quietly dropped? Cheese would have been red: you can't eat cheese because it is high in animal fat- ah, but it is also a major source of calcium and vitamins; see, bonkers. It's not all food fads though; 'take an asprin a day to keep blood clots at bay.' Then someone else said no you musn't take asprin because it makes your stomach bleed. You can't win. Anyway, the point is here's one you'll actually like, especially the girls- 'eat chocolate every day.' Research in USA shows that daily chocolate eaters are on average thinner, healthier and suffer less cancer. Well timed for Easter- chocks away!

   The U.N. can be pretty useless sometimes, for example the way it has been unable to control large scale civilian slaughter in Syria. Not even the arrival of ex secretary general Kofi Anan made the slightest difference. Largely this is due to internal arguments within the UN, China and Russia apparently condoning such abuse of ordinary people, presumably because they do it themselves. Next week the Arab League will make another attempt to solve the crisis. Don't hold your breath.

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2012 - part one, going back in time as you go down from here

Ya Boo Atishoo
   A key meeting to discuss the hated changes to the NHS, which disease secretary Lansley is set to force through against massive public protest, will not have any of the many of dissenters present. That is hardly a way to promote confidence. It's almost as if dissenters had a contagious disease. If common sense is a disease, then the dissenters have it.

Asses Law
   What to do with the dangerous, terror promoting mad cleric Qatada? We don't want him, Jordan does want him in their prison, European "Justice" however thinks we should set him free to stir up as much trouble as he likes. Euro Courts are asses! Why should the "rights" of the one override the rights of a whole nation? Send him back to Jordan regardless of Euro-law; what could the Euro-courts do about it? Probably nothing, so let's get shot of him quick.

Points Problem
   Ex minister Huhne and his ex wife are to be tried for perverting the course of justice. So what's new with politicians. The case revolves around suggestions that he persuaded her to take penalty points on a driving license for speeding. Now when this comes to court all will depend on what the ex-wife decides to do. Why? Because if she denies it, despite the original claim being hers after their divorce, then it will be up to the prosecution to prove it. And who are the two witnesses? The two accused, and they cannot be forced to testify against themselves... see the problem?

Thick Is Thick
   UK government's continuing assault on teachers latest twist is a complaint that kids who arrive at secondary shcools as under-achievers are still under achieving when they leave. That is hardly a surprise, after all thick is thick.

Nightingale Speaks
   ITV evening news subtitles- "...with Mary incoming mail." Same news bulletin- "Netbook Rail..."

Pocket Money
   A controversial new high speed rail link is to go ahead, UK government has announced, at a cost of 32 billion UK pounds, they claim. Experience shows 32 billion will just be pocket money compared to the real final cost. Watch this space in 2026 when its due to open.

Double Century
   The UK government cabinet, the real decision making body, is meeting 200 days before the olympics in the olympic park. Okay, nice thought, but what do you think they are discussing? Scottish independence! What sort of signal is that?

No Surprise - EM
   Will it, won't it? Latest (Jan 2012) pundit predictions about the euro currency bloc say it won't, survive intact that is. It so happened I found some old drachma in a wallet I used to take abroad, maybe I'll get to use them.

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