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  • Typesetting and layout in digital form -
       Most people these days use a word-processor to write their book. Rightly so. The problem is, most of the common ones are not directly compatible with professional printing processes. Some POD publishers and digital printers will accept files from certain word-processor packages, but these are not optimised for book production and can cause text to run into the binding, jump frames or pages, have odd spacings, misinterpret unusual characters, etc. Pictures hardly ever transfer in the same place or scale either. Infinity Junction uses commercial software which outputs in a digital form that most large printing concerns use and which is designed specifically to work accurately with modern print machinery. It is also possible to manipulate settings such as spacing between individual words, adjust layout in a far more subtle and effective way, show accurate alignment marks where cuts should be made during production, make separations for colour printing, etc; facilities not available to most people.
       Note- it is not a proof reading service, although we do read, correct obvious errors and, where we see errors still exist, before sending it to you for you to go through too.

    Editorial service -
       The quantity of our editorial advice is partly dependent on the subject matter being within our sphere of interests. The reason is simply that knowledge of facts, idiom, etc, employed with different types of work is limited by personnel available at the time. For works outside our normal areas, editing is limited to obvious corrections and changes to improve ease of reading, comprehension and similar general matters.
       Authors who do fall within our general interest areas can opt for a higher service level and also receive suggestions, where appropriate, for changes which might improve content or story construction, believablity and attention-holding, and occasionally factual matters. Of course, if you are self-publishing or using POD, it's entirely up to you whether to accept our suggestions.
       The package, as well as correcting errors we spot, includes tweaking the actual layout to optimise readability and visual impact. Note- beyond the general knowledge of the person actually doing the layout/editing, we do not check factual or other references specific to the work in question, nor spelling of names, unusual or foreign words. (We can put authors in touch with UK proof readers if requested, but that is not part of our deal and you would have to pay the proof reader separately.)

    Better your chances
       Infinity Junction, with editors, writers, other publishers, and self-publishers to call on, has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share. Much of this has been distilled into a large and comprehensive guide to writing, improving and marketing your book, screenplay, short story, etc. Even if you are already at the stage of trying to sell your work, there is much in it that will help you. What is more, this Budding Bestseller guide is very regularly modified to keep it bang up to date. It is converted into computer readable/printable format on demand, so you know it's the very latest version. It is now sold as a digital .pdf file which all modern computers can handle. Make sure you are already at the Infinity Junction website before clicking for more details of Budding Bestseller guide.

    Compatibility issues -
       Not all digital texts are compatible with modern typesetting. Infinity Junction cannot undertake to fix major compatibility problems at the prices we charge. More compatibility details.

    Publication by Infinity Junction -
       We only publish under our own name books we like. We have published a mixture of books sponsored by Infinity Junction and author financed books- (collaborative publishing.) If we publish it, regardless who pays, it is high quality commercially printed and a good attempt at conventional marketing it within the UK is made. More information click here.

    Print on demand production -
       Infinity Junction does NOT itself do POD style production runs. We can however arrange for a third party printer to do something similar and we will deal directly with them on your behalf. We can prepare your book for it, as described above, and often do a better layout/editing job than POD companies. Please E-mail us, (link below.)

    Terms and prices -
       First Infinity Junction has to know all about the book, the length, subject matter, etc, we'd also like to know something about the author, and preferably have a digital copy of the whole work as it is now, before we can be certain that we can handle it efficiently. Different things complicate matters and might need alteration, negotiation, or even refusal. (We cannot guarantee that we will typesest or edit all offered work. We also reserve the right reject texts which we find offensive, or believe to be misleading, or with possible legal snags.) For example, we don't very often handle non-UK authors simply because of the time delays and extra costs invloved with posting proofs, and also quite often problems with foreign words, fonts, accents etc. This doesn't mean we won't do it, (in fact we have done it more than once,) but we need to see it first and know that we can communicate effectively.
       Please understand that Infinity Junction does not actually print or bind books; we can prepare your book and pass it on, then liase with the chosen production people as necessary. We take no responsibility for production in these cases. Books published under the Infinity Junction imprint are usually handled entirely by us.
       We no longer have a 'blanket price' because the amount of work involved in preparing a book varies so much. We can only quote a price once we've seen it. The main factors are- the quality of the existing text, the exact format, the total length, unusual accents or characters and most of all, tables, illustrations and other non text items: (these can be very awkward to set up or change in commecial software.) Once layout has started in commercial form, alterations required by the author will be charged extra because of the extra time involved. This can amount to a lot where fonts, tables or illustrations are altered. The quoted price does include making a draft correction print of the typeset and sending it to you for further checking. More than that adds to the cost. Once we've seen the original digital file and you say you're definitely interested we can send you a 'plain English' printed version of the quote and/or terms and conditions if required.
        E-mail us for more detail.

    Further information -
       There is a help section at Infinity Junction's website: go to Infinity Junction Website. see the Infinity Junction books for sale list.

    Contact us -
       Our preferred method is E-mail because this is quick, cheap and flexible. You can attach a chapter or two with your first contact if you like, but always make sure you label any attachment clearly and mention it in the body of your email text. If we don't recognise the attachment it may be deleted as part of virus security.
    E-mail click: Infin-Info at Infinity Junction dotCom
    By post: - please enclose a stamped addressed envelope if you want a postal reply
       Infinity Junction
       PO Box 64
       Neston DO
       CH64 0WB
    and if outside Britain, add: UK

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    Compatibilty explained in more detail -
       One of the commonest problems is an old PC 'feature' due the incompatibilty of certain native file types to modern mainstream. In these cases it becomes necessary to save as 'text.' However doing this sometimes puts fixed line returns into saves where the text reaches the right edge of the screen. It shouldn't! It is mainly associated with older software such as Works, Claris Works, Outlook Express and some others. The trouble is, with these it becomes impossible to distinguish between introduced line returns and intentional ones. Such digital texts are simply not worth our time fixing. MS Works did, at least in some versions of it, allow you to save as 'DOS text' which often cured the problem when this was reloaded into a newer version of Word etc. Other alternatives are to save as 'plain text without line returns,' or ASCII text. Again this can sometimes be loaded into other software without the unwanted returns. Where you can do either of these with the messed-up texts, we can probably use them, but no guarantees.
       There are other compatability problems- some include fonts which are different to the English versions, accents which don't work, 'smart quotes' and other non-alpha-numeric characters which come out as something quite different. There is no 100% certainty that any text will load perfectly into any other software, but the three most compatible, provided they are saved from recent software, are Word 97-2003 .doc, third millennium RTF and ASCII text. Turn off smart (curly) quotes, don't use unusual characters, fonts, or accents, and use the modern full rather than 'home' or 'lite' versions, and then problems will be minimised.
       Even if you have the more modern versions of Word, remember to save in compatibility mode (97-2003 .doc) and avoid its natural .docx, which has features that can be turned on without the writer realising and which don't work in most other software.
       Very occasionally we come accross texts where the writer has put line returns in by hand at the edges, instead of letting the computer do it. We've even seen double spacing done like this for manuscripts. Usually it is somone who has converted from an old fashioned typewriter without learning how to use the word-processor properly. These files are unlikely to be acceptable.

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