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  • Notices of known problems and News:
       Recent decline in printed book sales, plus large hikes in service charges, means we have suspended on-line sales due to excessive costs and lack of profitability.
       We are in the process of establishing a more economical method to trade safely on-line- please bear with us for a short period. Return here soon to check if the new system is working, thank you. If you are able to use BACS or similar money transfer to pay for books or services please e-mail infin-info@infinityjunction.com, thank you.

    Virus Pandemics - deleted attachments. Many attachments to e-mails sent to us have been automatically deleted. Our e-mail system uses multi-layer high-level security which sometimes deletes or bounces innocent mail. If you sent us an important attachment recently and we haven't acknowledged it, please e-mail again, without the attachment, for special instructions. Also click to see more on attachments below.
    SLOW POST- 'rationalisation of local postal services,' i.e. cost cutting, has caused delays and means that you should allow extra time for second class postal mail. First class, recorded delivery and airmail are better but often slower than officially quoted.

    Please let us know if you discover any fault on our website by reporting it to infin-info@infinityjunction.com, or writing to the address at the bottom of this page. Thank you.

    How can I order by mail? Look here... Our mail order page explains how to find costs, including post, manual currency conversion, how to pay, and how to send your order.

    Contact links to us:
    For enquiries about orders, please E-mail sales@infinityjunction.com stating which book you want/have ordered and what problem you are encountering. (We aim to reply to E-mails within a working day.)  This link can also be used if you wish to ask about LARGE PRINT books. In case of difficulty making an order please refer to the help section above or the mail order office.

    To make general enquiries about the Infinity Junction organization: infin-info@infinityjunction.com

    ATTACHMENTS to E-mails will NOT be opened unless identifiable. (Virus security.) For example, if sending sample chapters as an attached word-processor file, name the file obviously and also include that name in the body of the E-mail text. Please do not compress (zip) files unless very large and having first obtained our clearance: anti-virus software may delete your your file without us ever seeing it.

    If for any reason our e-mail system suffers a glitch, (and it has done on one or two occasions in the past,) log on to http://www.infinityjunction.com and go to the notices section (currently at the top of this page.) Any problems we know of will be stated there with suggestions of what you could try if we have any.

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