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    Well that subject is a whole book really! For the full thing see our Budding Bestseller Guide. For some quick ideas read on... So you've written this book, you've touted it to agents but so far only received silence. We've been there, thousands of others have too. So what do you do? First get it read by other people. We read short submissions for possible Infinity Junction publications for free. Max 5,000 words for a very brief comment. However if you want us to make a professional appraisal then send us a short sample first to make sure it falls into our sphere of experience. In the e-mail body describe the book and its intended market, say how long in words. We will then quote you a price for commenting, if we feel able to pass professional judgement. Submit Your Work.
    If you want help laying out your book for publication elswhere read Publish Yourself.
    If you haven't finished your book and need help, we can suggest two things to try. One, buy Budding Bestseller, it really does cover everything in a very readable way. Two, send us a short sample and say what problems or fears you have and what you hope we might be able to do.