INFINITY JUNCTION is a publisher, bookseller and book related help organisation.
We offer a range of services to writers and authors, both published and unpublished. We can appraise, edit, typeset and more for you. We can even build you a graphic style website, (see our front page.)

In addition we offer for sale a carefully chosen selection of small-published and self-published works which are all too good to be left ignored by mainstream publishers and unnoticed by the public. Among them we offer a major and somewhat disturbing book about probable miscarriages of justice, The Lynch-Mob Syndrome, written by Ken Norman, chairman of the Portia Campaign, which was partially responsible for a shake-up in British justice. Also we feature top works by humorist Evelyn Murray and the controversial novel from which we derived our name - Infinity Junction.


There is a theme of 'interesting reading' for all books published by or advertised at Infinity Junction. Only a very few of the books shown on our website are available elsewhere via the internet - even if other people list them!

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  •  SEE SOME OF THE BOOKS FOR SALE: go direct to our Books For Sale Complete List, - or go to Not For Bedtime - Infinity Junction's excellent horror/murder anthology, or to our Most up to date and comprehensive self-help Guide for Authors and Writers, or to controversial and inventive satire Infinity Junction, or click next for The Forgotten Army - grim true WW2 ordeal, or next for A Very European Death ingenious eurothriller.

  •  SELL YOUR WORK: First read more about what we like, how we work, and alternative publishing methods - click next link - get published! for much more information.

  • - or if you only want to know HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR WORK click me to find out.
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  • There is also a UK specific, but very much cut down website at and our holding company webiste at inter-read.

  •   How to submit samples, stories, books etc. - At Infinity Junction we work mostly in Word for any text likely to be printed in-house. However Word is used on different platforms. For best readablity and transferability, save your work in 'compatibility mode' as Word 97-2003 dot doc. If you don't use Word, save in dot rtf Rich Text Format; the formatting may not come out exactly the same but it'll be readable. Please avoid dot pdf Portable Document Format. Do not send word documents made in old fashioned Works, these seldom load correctly. Attach your file to an e-mail and, in the body of text, name the attachment by its file name. If not named correctly in the body of text, our security system might decide it is unfriendly and delete it. Never try to hide your return e-mail address, that could also result in deletion. Also be clear in the text what the sumission is for and what sort of an answer you want, if any.
       SEE Compatibilty Issues if you are not using Word 97-2003.