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headless Maggie statue with white flag - 

from the years AD 1000
to end of 2002

from the year AD 2003

 - World Leader; gorilla with gun
euro crosses (eastern style) swords with US dollar  - from the year AD 2004

from the year AD 2005

 - Osama, oil, Bush, Blair.
Bird Flu H51N sneeze - 

from the year AD 2006

from the year AD 2007

 -  blazing map with question mark / Palestine / Israel / Iran / Mid-East
meter showing UK population overfilled - 

from the year AD 2008

from the year AD 2009

 -  Free Market wagon about to fall over a huge drop
ticking time-bomb Earth stewing in teapot - 

from the year AD 2010

from the year AD 2011

 -  rich boss, self-regulation, poor us
Cuts cut in with blood, UK bleeding - 

from the year AD 2012

from the year AD 2013

 -  Euro tensions close to snapping
World Man walks away from Syria - 

from the year AD 2014

from the year AD 2015

 -  Fences across Europe against immigrant chaos
Bad decisions of 2016- CamEton Euro-poll, Corbyn Labour top, Trump Republican top, Putin Syria. - 

from the year AD 2016

from the year AD 2017

 -  KIM Bang Bong RocketMan
Bad year in Westminster- loud arguments over Brexit- yawn. - 

AD 2018

For 2019-
See current NuGgets column.

 -  Climate Change- who is right



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